Gunton Cliffnew life for a former school

Project Details

Client: Cripps Developments
Services: Structural Survey / Environmental

Project Description

As part of the development of this site, our engineers were engaged to ascertain the structural suitability of the existing property to allow the client to develop the land. 

The former school, overlooking the beach in Lowestoft, had been vacant for many years and was severely dilapidated, with significant damage from water ingress, vandalism and minor fires. To renovate the building would have required extensive structural restoration by specialist contractors. Water ingress throughout the building had caused decorative and structural timbers to rot, which led to the walls becoming unstable.Our report supported an application to demolish the building. 

A planning permission requirement was for initially a Phase 1 contamination study to be undertaken. This highlighted possible risks from fuel tanks stored on site and so insitu testing was carried out.

As the project progressed, Horizon continued to provide support to the project, including providing civil and environmental engineering services.


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