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Environmental ServicesWhat we offer

Our team of engineers and technicians have a breadth of knowledge at dealing with the environmental aspects of engineering, including:

  • flood risk
  • contaminated land
  • sustainable urban drainage
  • pre-planning

Flood Risk

We are able to provide Level 1, 2 and 3 Flood Risk Assessments to satisfy planning conditions for developments varying from a single residential projects through to large commercial developments. Flood Risk Assessments will be developed and produced in line with the National Planning Policy Framework. The assessment will assess all relevant theoretical data, but will also use historical sources to produce the closest scenario possible.  If a site wishes to gain Code For Sustainable Homes status, the Flood Risk design can generate points towards this.


services - environmental - flood risk

Contaminated Land

Commencing with Phase 1 studies including walk over and desk study of historical data, our engineers can evaluate the risk of potential contamination both from the site or from its neighbours. If risks are highlighted from the Phase 1 study or for peace of mind, targeted in-situ testing can be undertaken and a Phase 2 report produced detailing the findings. Using this information, a remediation strategy can be produced. Our engineers will discuss this with the client, and taking due consideration for the end use and potential pathways, a specific remediation strategy will be produced. Allowing for the normal constraints, we would aim to avoid the routine 'dig and dump', preferring onsite methods such as encapsulation or treatment.


services - environmental - contaminated land

Sustainable Urban Drainage

The aim of Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) is to try and reduce the surface water runoff from a site, down to the level it would be if it was a green field site, or lower. This can be achieved in numerous ways including soakaways, ponds, permeable pavements, attenuation and so on. We would aim to produce the most cost effective solution at each specific site taking into account the clients preferences.  In order to achieve this we undertake percolation tests in line with current standards to calculate the optimum solution. If a site wishes to gain Code For Sustainable Homes status, the SUD's design can generate points towards this.


services - environmental - sustainable urban drainage


At pre-planning or purchase stage, shortened combined versions of the above reports can be produced to highlight to a client the potential risks involved in a site and assist with negotiations of purchase.


services - environmental - pre-planning