Ruskington innovative roof solutions

Project Details

Client: North Kesteven District Council
Services: Civil and Structural Engineering

Project Description

Horizon were commissioned by to provide designs for the redevelopment of a brownfield site.

The curved structure and high gables required some innovation solutions to avoid using expensive special roof systems. 

Our engineers analysed the roof as a whole, considering the wind load from various directions, to form a braced timber structure utilizing standard property trusses where possible.

The properties themselves, were of standard construction, however to increase the thermal characteristics, they were constructed with wide cavities and thermal breaks.

Given the isolation of Ruskington and the previous development within the village, the existing surface water system was approaching capacity.  In a normal situation, attenuation tanks or soakaways would be utilised to limit the flows off site.  On this site however, trees were to be planted in all the public green spaces, reducing the areas available for attenuation and the percolation values were poor. 

Our engineers proposed a system that would under normal conditions drain to a soakway.  However in more severe storm conditions, the system would initially act as an attenuation system before overflowing into the public sewers.  This limited outfalls to the minimal level.


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